This Blogger Compared Instagram Vs Reality Photos Which Will Make You Think


How many times have you seen an Instagram post and sighed because your life is not as perfect as them? We see hundreds of bloggers everyday traveling, eating. shopping, wearing gorgeous outfits and accessories and try to relate them with real life. These Instagram vs reality recreations by the Germany blogger Geraldine West will give you an insight into the real struggle.

1. Getting the perfect water shot

instagram vs reality

Firstly your hair never looks that good after diving into the water. Secondly, what about those people in the background photobombing?

2. That airport or station look

instagram vs reality

In a perfect world, you don’t have to carry your extra luggage yourself and make yourself look like you have just come out of the salon.

3. How spring looks like

instagram vs reality

Don’t you get a runny nose when you are around pollens?

4. Working out is made to look so effortless

instagram vs reality

You never see the sweat or the hair flying away when Instagram models post pictures from their workout sessions.

5. Beautiful boat pose

instagram vs reality

That can only happen if you are not the one peddling.

6. Shopping is not always as fun as they show

instagram vs reality

Especially when you are going to buy grocery and bottled water.

7. Instagram perfect holiday picture

instagram vs reality

By the way, who wears heels inside a swimming pool? The Instagram vs reality recreation is actually how we look inside a pool.

8. Trial sessions

instagram vs reality

Only if we could look half as beautiful as they do in those dresses.

9. Posing in snowfall

instagram vs reality

It will always be a mystery how they can get away lying on the snow without catching a cold or throat infection.

10. I woke up like this

instagram vs reality

We all know how fake it is but every time we fall for it.

11. Having a picnic

instagram vs reality

Have you ever seen someone so dressed for a picnic? The fruits look like that you are served breakfast.

12. Closet tour

instagram vs reality

What they show you on Instagram vs reality. No one can keep their closets so organized when they change five dresses a day.


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