This Brazilian Photographer Can Make You Instagram Famous In An Instant


Photography is a true form of art. The extent professional photographers go to take a perfect shot is endless. Photography is also a highly competitive field – with lakhs of people turning their hobby into something they can earn a few bucks from – today the photography field is rammed up with professionals struggling to find a spot for themselves. Anyone who owns a DSLR considers himself a photographer but it takes some serious skill sets to perfectly capture the minor elements and all nuances of a portrait. 

With Instagram turning into a hotspot for artists, models and people alike to show off their portfolios, it has now grown to become a huge platform on which people want to look exceptionally good. Most of the models, whether freelancer or professional, even go to the extent of hiring professional photographers to click their photos, so that they can build a strong fan base.

Gilmar Silva is a rising professional photographer who is becoming an Instagram sensation for his impeccable photography skills. Silva stands out from regular photographer because of his great talent of picturing his muse in an artistic light, irrespective of the background of the image. 

He is known for taking snaps at highly improper places but the resultant portraits are always super attractive and amazingly perfect. Silva surely has a knack of seeing beauty everywhere around him, otherwise there’s no logical explanation on how he manages to capture brilliantly Instagram worthy snaps, when the back drop of his clicks are mediocre at its best and sometimes even ugly.

His work is impeccable and widely appreciated on Social Media. We are quite certain that every Instagram model would love to hire him to make their portfolio.

Below are some of his best works. Do check them out and see for yourself whether Gilmar Silva’s work is swoon worthy or not!

Image Credits : Gilmer ‘Silva Fotografia


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