This Dog Rides A Bus To Commute Till The Dog Park Everyday


Eclipse, a dark Labrador and Mastiff blend, goes to the neighbourhood dog park each day all by herself.

Eclipse spends a couple of hours at the dog’s park playing before catching the bus home again. She is a strong independent woman who needn’t bother with no human. The delightful doggo goes out in Seattle consistently without anyone else’s assistance. And get into transit to a downtown dog park. There she stay for several hours to exercise and make companions. At the point when she’s done, she heads to the bus station to get a ride back to her home utilising the ticket she has connected to her collar.

On her way to the Dog’s park, all by herself!

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Everything began when Eclipse’s owner Jeff was taking her to the park one day. And he was taking too long to even consider finishing his cigarette when the transport showed up. Reluctant to defer the excursion any more, the dark Labrador and Mastiff blend deserted him. She took the bus and holding up a couple of stops before saying thanks to the driver and hopping off at the park.

This adorable Labrador taking her bus to the downtown dog’s park!

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She is extremely popular amongst the passengers. In a post on Facebook, which has piled on in excess of 290,000 offers, Robbie Lauren said Jeff before long started to understand that Eclipse realised the course like the rear of her paw and trusted in her enough to go alone, realising she would ‘consistently return two or after three hours’. She wrote, “All of the bus drivers know her and she makes them smile, and many of the regular passengers enjoy seeing her every day and will often sit down next to her.”

She is adored by all passengers.

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