This Game of Thrones Character Wasn’t Supposed To Die


Game of Thrones has ended with not so much appraise from the fans as to the ending of the show. There are some who call it the best show ever and well some who started hating the show after the last season. In all, it was a complete show with everything one could have asked for and definitely worth the hype. The hype of the show started after Ned Stark’s death when all of a sudden the show killed the most important character of the show boldly when it never happened earlier. People went crazy when they saw the show killing off important characters just like that only for power and that’s one part of the success story. But, did you know that a character was killed off in the show when he wasn’t supposed to die?

Let’s find out below which was the character that died an untimely death.

The show is bold.

game of thrones

The show never thought much about a character’s fan following or anything, they just kill them off according to the script.

There’s always backfiring but they come around.

game of thrones

Sometimes people don’t like that but eventually, come around and realize that it made the show better.

All the deaths were planned.

game of thrones

From the beginning, they had a rough idea when the characters will die or if they will survive.

Last two season were off the books.

The directors David and Weiss had plenty of opportunities to tweak the show to their liking and did their best.

This resulted in the killing of a character who wasn’t supposed to die.

game of thrones


This character was supposed to live on and not die as it did.

So, who’s this character?

game of thrones

It’s none other than …..

Ser Jorah Mormont!

Jorah died in the arms of the woman he loved although she didn’t love him back, he had a perfect death he could wish for.

Why did they kill Jorah?

game of thrones

The show could have left him barely alive like they did Danerys in the scene in the ‘Battle of Winterfell.’

And he could have seen the dream of his beloved come true.

game of thrones

That’s the problem, isn’t it? Even he would have realized that the woman he loved had turned into a power hungry monster and would have no option otherwise.

They wanted to keep his love pure.

game of thrones


What Danerys was gonna do to King’s Landing was how it was supposed to go from the beginning, so the ending couldn’t be adjusted or compromised.

Ser Jorah was supposed to go to The Night’s watch!

He wasn’t supposed to die, but rather join Jon in the night’s watch after Danerys had won.

Jorah Mormont, Jon Snow And Tormund were to Cross the Gates and go Beyond the Wall.

But after logical consideration and having the big picture the directors decided to kill him in ‘Battle of Winterfell’ so he never knew what Danerys had become. Also, his death contributed to what Danerys did to the Landing, a greater cause.

Also, why would Jorah join the killer of his beloved?

A fair point that would have made complications and pointless drama.

Jeor Mormont’s Legacy.

He could have honored his father’s legacy at the night’s watch, whom he didn’t have time to know much and that would be an amazing ending for the character.

But, he already got a great ending so no worries.

game of thrones

He technically died the perfect death he could have imagined without seeing the horrors that Danery’s other lover had to see and take the rational decision. And everyone’s really happy about it as well.


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