This Girl’s Makeup Skills Will Surely Make Your Soul Wrenched!


Who doesn’t love makeup? Okay, maybe there are some who don’t. But some people have such incredible makeup skills that actually makes me wonder if this is humanly possible!

One such girl is making the internet crazy with her crazy yet awesome makeup skills. But, beware this definitely isn’t for the weak hearted people and sure as hell isn’t for the ones who like the soft side of makeup. This 23-year-old girl has some insanely mind-boggling makeup skills that’ll definitely make your skin crawl. With a degree in Spanish philology, Monika is an artist from Vilnius Lithuania. She started her journey as a makeup artist only a year ago. But, she gained quick popularity with her exceptional makeup skills.

Her gory makeup style has been attracting a lot of followers on Instagram. She creates such delusional makeup looks that it is almost impossible for someone to believe their eyes. She is extremely passionate about her work and says that she lives for the moments when she looks herself in the mirror and finds another person looking back at her.

It is unbelievable that with her brushes and a couple of hours she can completely transform into a different person. “I can transform into somebody else. I’m happy when I’m creating, and I create when I’m happy. I hope this circle never ends.”

Feast your eyes upon these horrifying yet magnificent display of makeup skills that’ll probably give you nightmares!

1. I almost believed that she had a hole in her hand. Yikes!
makeup skills

2. That would have really hurt her bad if it were real.

3. That is a weirdly beautiful princess. 

4. Do two halves make a one? They sure do.
5. I know I shouldn’t say this. But girl, you’re gonna give me nightmares tonight!
6. All my life I wanted to be a doctor, but I think I’m gonna be sick now.
7. Broken yet beautiful. I think beauty is definitely something that isn’t about having the perfect skin, it’s about feeling beautiful.
8. Didn’t have a bow tie so I got myself a bone tie.
makeup skills9. That’s it. Not playing house of cards anymore. Hell no!
makeup skills10. Is it really makeup or papers painted and stuck on?
makeup skills11. I’m definitely gonna lose my appetite tonight.
makeup skills12. Gore 101, splits face into multiple segments. I hope the ones watching this have a stronger stomach than I do.
makeup skills13. The color of oblivion, I think it’s white.
makeup skills14. No matter what you do, age will eventually sneak up on you.
makeup skills15. That is cute, the butterfly looks insanely real.
makeup skills16. I don’t know what this is, but I’ve got to admit that she looks splendid.
makeup skills17. We all seem to have masks nailed on to our faces.
makeup skills18. Never judge a book by its cover. You never know what lies beneath a beautifully crafted face.

makeup skills19. And the Grinch Stole Christmas away.
makeup skills20. God, please no!
makeup skills

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