This Is How Your Favorite Game Of Thrones Artists Would Look As Sandwiches!


Game Of Thrones has ended with the Season 8 Finale and has left us all bewildered yet disappointed with an ending nobody wanted or deserved. After waiting for 8 long seasons we finally wanted to cherish the final season of the most loved series, but as fate would have it, we were left regretting the wait. But, there is something really interesting that could make you forget about the pain and have a laugh together. Have you ever imagined the tough men of Game of Thrones as sandwiches? Probably not, right? But, somebody has and the results are absolutely hilarious!

Twitter user Amelia has reimagined the male characters from Game Of Thrones as sandwiches are people are loving it!

1. Sir Jorah Mormont is the real classic, no mess just a good snack that can really make you feel better.

2. Sir Jamie Lannister, oh well, he is definitely a BLT, looks really appealing but you’ll be really disappointed when you actually bite into it!
3. Jon Snow, this is definitely a spot on reimagination. Jon Snow is nothing but a plain old bread that fits with absolutely anything and needs help.
4. Tormund Gianstbane, Okay, I’m already feeling hungry for him, uh I mean the sandwich. Who would want to choose anything else over this meaty filling and an absolutely delicious sandwich? Oh, right, Brienne.
sandwiches5. Sam, oh you poor kid, an apt representation of the person who is absolutely fit for the tea table but not exactly the war material.

6. Tyrion Lannister, he who is not everyone’s cup of tea definitely has been done justice with, cheese and pickle sandwich, not many can appreciate this one.

7. Sandor Clegane, tough and crispy on the outside but really mouthwatering and delicious on the inside, the melting cheese fits perfectly with his personality.

8. Khal Drogo, Ice-cream sandwich is my personal favorite and so is Khal Drogo, definitely someone I would love sinking my teeth into!
9. Varys, oh dear, Hoisin duck sandwich, well, wouldn’t that be classy and nice to have a bite of.
10. Grey Worm, I’m not such a big fan of the Tuna sandwich, but Grey Worm surely fits the description.

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