This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Are Fasting!


We all know that our body cells can repair itself after undergoing disintegration. The mechanism may be really tough for us to understand but the process is extremely beneficial for our body. This doctor from Japan has found out the mechanism behind autophagy and why fasting is really helpful to our body processes.

Meet the Japanese doctor who discovered the benefits of fasting and how it will keep you much healthier!

Dr. Yoshinuri Oshumi has recently received a Nobel prize for his brilliant research works on the benefits of fasting.


He is a biologist whose particular field of interest was autophagy, the mechanisms by which the cell can repair itself after undergoing any injury.

But how to induce this brilliant process by which cells can automatically repair themselves in a lesser amount of time and thus providing us with better immunity and health.

Well, the answer lies in fasting, yes, though it may seem a bit odd to you this practice can induce autophagy much faster than the rate it usually works with. When a person fasts his or her body cells are much more stimulated to work faster to produce energy.

If you cut down your daily intake of calories, it results in increased levels of. nitric oxide tends to detoxify your body of harmful wastes and thus rejuvenates your body.

This practice will not only help you to repair your body cells but will also speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight much faster. It also helps in keeping blood pressure and sugar levels in check and proves to decrease cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

The strategies to adopt this method of keeping healthy are many, you can opt for a 24-hour fasting method where you eat your breakfast suppose at 8:00 am on Monday morning, your next meal would be on Tuesday morning at 8:00 am.

The other strategy that you can adopt is intermittent fasting, for this, you don’t have to go an entire day without food. What you can do instead is cut down your calorie intake.

Another strategy to adopt this practice is to skip your meals. We all do that sometimes, don’t we? Well, your parents may get mad at you for skipping your meals, but you now know its benefits and can surely show them this article.


Limited fasts, this method applies to people who really can’t do much without food. Here you can reduce the amount of time you spend eating food, restrict yourself to eating food for only 8 hours and go without food for 16. Or else you can try eating your breakfast at 8 am and have your dinner at 6 pm.


Water fasts are another effective method where your food for one entire day of the week is water. This is definitely less stressful and easy when it’s summertime. You can have juices as well, but make sure they don’t contain any amount of sugar in it.


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