This Is What Men Get When They Respect Nature!


Nature has often left us bewildered with its immense capabilities. It can be beautiful yet devastating. But if we know how to respect it, we can surely see such a motherly side to it. When men learn to respect nature it doesn’t disappoint them, rather it makes their end result so beautiful that people are left wondering how beautiful it can be!

These architects have used their creative capabilities to create such houses and roads that it doesn’t interfere with mother nature!

1. This place is in Africa, the architect could have simply cut the tree instead of creating a bend. But decided to let the tree have its space.nature

2. It is not necessary to cut down trees to make your house. It can be built in a unique way as well.

3. What’s better than having the shade of the tree and relaxing on the stairs on a fine day!

4. This is Casa Vogue in Brazil, the owners decided to let the original inhabitant of the place live in peace and build their café around it.

5. If there’s will there’s a way. The architects have truly done a commendable job on letting the tree grow naturally without any disturbance.

6. This is Cook Osteria and Pizzeria, let the environment and modern culture co-exist peacefully.

7. What’s better than letting the kids learn amidst mother Earth? This Kindergarten is built around the trees and the children have so much fun playing around it!
8. Lakeview Residence, this is definitely one of the most peaceful architectures I’ve seen so far.

9. Niarvana Residential complex, this simply looks magnificent.

10. This is Century Park Shopping Centre Bend in Oregon, it has saved over 100 trees on site by creating parking space a little away from the shopping centre.

11. Kit Kat restaurant in Toronto has a 4 story tree growing in the middle of the kitchen space.
12.  This is Ferruda Bar in Santiago de Compostela has a tree growing peacefully inside the Bar.
13. Restaurant Plane In Budapest Germany has a full grown tree growing inside the restaurant.
14. These are fig trees growing inside the Steak house in Brazil.

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