This Korean Artist’s Tender Illustrations About Love Will Hit You Right In The Feels!


Love, the most powerful feeling in the world. Love can conquer all, hatred, racism, intolerance towards other religion. Only a tiny bit of love can heal the deepest wounds one has had too face. Love can make you forget how bad your day has been or what challenges await for you, you feel safe in its arms forgetting about the world. This Korean artist’s tender illustrations on love will make you feel the tender side of love!

A Korean Artist Is creating tender illustrations on love will show you the tender yet most important side of love.

Zipcy is a creative illustrator from Seoul, South Korea. She started making a series of illustrations under the name “Touch”, these illustrations show the tender yet strong and sensual side of a relationship. It will definitely overwhelm you if you’re in love too!

1. The you’re really happy on the inside you tend to glow from the outside!tender illustrations

2. All you can is think about how beautiful she looks and how beautiful your surroundings become she is with you.
tender ollustrations
3. Comfort, something that can only be found in the arms of the one you love.
tender illustrations
4. No matter how hard her day is, when she is in your embrace all she feels is peace and warmth.
tender illustrations
5. Calling somebody yours truly is easy. But proving the world forever that she belongs on with you is something that is worthy of being seen.
tender illustrations
6. Probably one of the best places for the husbands and boyfriends to sleep!

7. I’ve held these hands forever now, no matter what happens I’m never letting go.

8. Love doesn’t always mean PDA or expensive gifts and fancy dates, sometimes it’s just four walls and a lap to lay your head upon.

9. These little day to day things is what makes the relationship more stronger.

10. Hugging somebody you love, to your heart’s content has got to be the best feeling in the world.

11. Hold me when I’m feeling down, that is all that I’ll never need to be at peace with myself.

12. Appreciate her no matter what. It doesn’t have to extravagant. But a simple “you’re so beautiful” will suffice.

13. Such a sweet gesture, yes, love is these little things in everyday life.

14. Talk about getting the best sleep ever, this definitely tops the list.

15. When you’re with me the world looks a little more beautiful.

16. Taking care of her, and showing her how much you value her will surely keep the love alive!

17. This is by far the sweetest picture. A true gentlemen will never feel ashamed even if he has to tie her shoelaces.

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