This Naughty Girl Invented A New Way To Escape The School


Back in our school days, most of us wanted to bunk the school. We used to come up with many silly excuses to skip the tests. This pretty girl also wanted to bunk the spellings test, and she planned very well. The plan was backfired, and the consequences were so adverse.

This naughty girl’s name is Lilly Schooley, six years old who noticed some of her friends absent to school due to illness and planned to skip the spelling test on the following day.

Charlotte Schooley, the mother of Lilly, explains that Lilly borrowed a red marker from her to fo her housework. After taking the red pen, she went to the bathroom and inked several spots on throughout her body. After 10 minutes she came back to her mother that she is having some rashes which are itchy too. Lilly explained to her mom that those rashes are chicken pox, and she can’t go to school.

Her mother Charlotte and father David understood the trick and had to stifle laughter to threaten Lilly to take to doctor. Scared Lilly immediately scrubbed her spots but didn’t wipe off. This is where they realized that it is a permanent marker and took four days to wipe off. Next day Lilly took PE and convinced her classmates that she is not contagious. Scroll down to see this pretty girl’s naughty act.

1. Lilly Schooley with her parents David Schooley and Charlotte Schooley

school bunk


2. Lilly showing her red marker with which she made chicken pox spots

school bunk


3. Lilly Schooley, with her mother and elder sister Emily, 15


4. The family is prepared for her future naughty acts


5. Lilly with her sister Emily


6. Lilly with her red spots all around the face


7. Lilly drew the spots all over the body and later dismayed when they would not wash off


8. Lilly got this idea from Youtube according to her mother.


9. Lilly’s legs covered with the spots which took 4 days to wash off.


10. Lilly apparently watched 10 ways to get out of school and 9 yet to come


Image source- Dailymail


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