This Obese Dog Is Unrecognisable After Transformation

  1. Miller the labrador was advised to get more fit after his inclination for Peanut Butter.

The labrador was advised to get healthy and fit. After his fondness towards peanut butter and other human snacks saw his weight expand. Although, he doesn’t look dazzled with his new diet.

Obese dog

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2. The labrador has replaced his signature grin with a frown

In the wake of being compelled to remove his preferred human tidbits – yet his owner demands he’s content with his new body. Hilarious before and after photographs of the dog Miller has seen a sensational change. In his appearance in the wake of shedding right around a quarter of his body weight. Regardless of already weighing in at an astounding 48kg. Practically 13kg over a sound load for his breed – he generally showed up carefree with a gut brimming with peanut butter.


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3. Millers’ eagerness for snacks end up being his defeat!

He ate down a beer holder, requiring the medical procedure. The owner Jackie Hensley took him for medical procedures to have it evacuated in Illinois and a vet uncovered that Miller would need to shed pounds to ease the worry of the lines and improve his general wellbeing.

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4. The stunner news implied his favourite peanut butter was out

It is replaced by longer strolls and lower-calorie dog nourishment. Seeing him drop 11 kg in nine months. The noteworthy accomplishment has been commended by everybody, Aside from, it shows up, Miller himself, who currently wears a consistent scowl – with Jackie conceding he looks ‘somewhat dismal’ as he’s no longer enjoying so many treats.

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Jackie said,

“His favorite was peanut butter, he would do anything for it. After the surgery we became very determined to get him healthy. We switched his food to a light version and cut the quantity he had across the day in half. We also swapped his snacks to carrots and now he has learned to love them as a treat. As well as a strict diet, Miller’s exercise doubled to a daily 40-minute walk, with some fetch mixed in.”



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