This Person Combines Famous Celebrity Faces Together And The Results Are Amazing


Celebrities are out day to day follow-ups and it’s almost like something big and nuclear has happened we get celebrity news which appears in real life is just two people fighting if you look over it and not thinking them different from us. But, even after that, they are amazing, they are the first ones to try a trend and establish it most of the times. They are the internet sensation by doing some good things and even right now we have a celebrity, Keanu Reeves as the internet’s favorite person. Since celebs are the testers of everything, a college student who’s 25-year-old has morphed the faces of celebrities together and has even received recognition from actors themselves for the edit he did.

Lady Gaga and Scarlett Johansson.


That hairstyle with that face, ahem!

Brad Pitt & Leonardo Dicaprio.


Made them both 30 years younger.

Chris Evans & Chris Pratt & Chris Hemsworth & Chris Pine.

All the Chris together make a Paul Walker somehow.

Jason Momoa & Chris Hemsworth.


Momoa just took over, but maybe Aquaman is stronger than Thor?

Kristen Stewart & Megan Fox.

The best of both I guess.

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds.

Now, this is totally weird, why would you attempt this!

Dua Lipa & Gal Gadot.

They nearly look like Kim Kardashian together, minus all the fake booty of course.

Chris Pratt & Michael Fassbender.

Finally, Chris can have some real superpowers!

Nina Dobrev & Megan Fox.


Megan Fox can just blend in with everyone and still not vanish or take over.

Natalie Portman & Millie Bobby Brown.

Thor’s girlfriend with Eleven, weird but exciting.

Rami Malek & Bruno Mars.

Next season of Mr. Robot we can see Malek singing to hack computers.

Kendall Jenner & Taylor Hill.


I don’t know if this is not the best merging of faces then what is! She’s…um, they are so amazing!

Eminem & Tom Hardy.

We are Venom.

Emilia Clarke & Carice Van Houten.


The Mother of Dragons and High Priest of Lord Of Light just makes it so much better.

Tom Holland & Tom Hardy & Tom Hiddleston.



A mixture of all the Toms and maybe their superpowers as well? Venom+Spiderman+Loki!!!


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