This Russian Guy Creates Low Budget Cosplays From Household Items!


Cosplay is definitely a form of art, it takes so much effort and thought to make it look absolutely like the original. But, cosplays don’t have to get super expensive all the time with makeup and other props. This Russian guy teaches how to make low budget cosplays using household items and we definitely can’t get enough of it!

Alexander Kravet a Russian Cosplayer creates low budget cosplays using household items and his fans can’t get enough of it!

1. Well, that’s an accurate representation of our bits and parts.
low budget cosplays

2. Don’t have a lion’s head? No problem, you can use your pet cat as a prop, they belong to the same family, don’t they?
low budget cosplays
3. Now you too can become the Pope following these simple instructions!
low budget cosplays
4. You can’t really grow octopus tentacles now, can you? Here’s a replacement with sausage for you.
low budget cosplays
5. Can’t go to Paris for a picture? Don’t worry, use the steel stairs as the background instead.
low budget cosplays
6. This is looking awesome though! Hell boy, household version.

7. You may not be able to get the real Thor costume, but this works equally well!

8. Let’s have a look at our household Dracula, looks deadly, doesn’t it?
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9. Rise people of Westeros, we have a new Khaleesi here! The low budget of course.

10. Shall we take a look inside the washing machine and see what’s outside (or inside)!

11. That’s gonna be a nice surprise don’t you think?

12. This is definitely a genius, using toothbrushes as microphones!

13. Don’t have a violin but have a guitar and a fishing rod, shall we play some music?

14. Can’t really make buns out of hair, but you can surely use the ones at home!

15. Looks deadly, but I’m sad over the wasted pizza. 🙁


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