This Simple Test Will Prove How Good Your Memory Really Is!


Everyone craves for a really good memory. I mean why wouldn’t they, a sharp memory can help you solve a fair share of problems. Especially when it comes to being a student, if you have a really good memory, exam stress and fear is reduced by a great deal. But, do you know what is considered to be the epitome of sharp memory? Having a photographic memory. So, let’s find out whether you have a photographic memory using this simple test!

This simple test will prove whether you really have a photographic memory or not! (Answers below)

1. Everyone one of us handles this Nestea pack daily, remember what its logo looks like?

simple test2. Pepsi is one such brand that we know since forever! But do you remember its logo?

simple test3. Who doesn’t love this toy? Well, all you car lovers get this one right.simple test
4. This one’s easy. Think you can figure this one out?simple test 5. There’s just one difference between the right logo and the wrong one, which is it?simple test 6. If you love Kit-Kat you ought to get this one right.7. Think hard, you know the answer! 8. One tiny detail and you’re either right or wrong.9. Everybody loves Burger King, don’t they? But how many of you can get this one right? 10. You should probably stop eating Nutella if you can’t get this one right!


1. The direction of the bending of the middle leaf is what makes the difference.simple test2. The red color goes on top and not the blue.simple test3. The corner designs places were interchanged to confuse you.4. Looks really confusing, doesn’t it? The blue quarters’ position was changed.5. The letters are all in blue color, told you one small difference!simple test6. There are two birds in the nest and not three.7. The Knorr logo is written with red color and not blue.8. The N line extends over the rest of the letters in the Nescafe logo.9. How many of you got this one right folks?
10. There are two letters in brown and not just one.

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