This Underwater Restaurant Will Make You Start Saving For Your Next Norwegian Trip


Norway, “The land of the midnight sun” attracts millions of tourists every year. It is famous for its stunning Fjords, high scaling mountains, breathtaking northern lights and scintillating Scandinavian architecture. One of the recently launched tourist spot is “Under”- Europe’s first underwater sea hotel, which opened recently in the month of March 2019.
‘Under’ is also the worlds largest underwater hotel. It is a restaurant which is five and a half meters below the sea surface. Designed by an Norwegian architecture firm Snoehetta – which has also created the Opera house in Oslo and the National September 11 Memorial, two of the most visited tourist hotspots of Norway.

The hotel is located in Lindesnes of Southern Norway and is submerged in the icy waters of the North Sea. With magnificently beautiful interiors, it also has a pulchritudinous ocean view visible through a giant glass window at the back.

Take a look at some of its enchanting features below.

The interior design is quite simple and yet aesthetically appeasing

The interiors look modern yet chic with its wooden walls, ceiling, tables and chairs, concrete staircase and neutral flooring

With a seating capacity for about 100 guests, on normal nights, the diner serves around 40 guests at a time

The exterior is simply fascinating! A sloping wood and concrete cuboid that slants into the ocean and is accessible via a steel bridge.

Lindesnes is best known for its unforgiving climate conditions – weather here can go from calm to stormy several times a day.

So you will get to watch all sorts of fish species swim by, depending on the time of the year.


The diner serves an 18-course meal mainly consisting of seafoods and local cuisine.

A meal here can cost up to a whooping $430 per person.

If you wanna enjoy fine dining while experiencing the world beneath the sea “Under” is the place to go for.

Sad part though is that, one will have to wait around 6 months for a table.

Image Credits: Reuters


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