This Wedding Photographer Uses A Simple But Foolproof Trick For Stunning Pictures!


Weddings are really one of the most memorable days in one’s life. And it gets even better when you have an awesome wedding photographer who would capture the perfect moments in perfect shots. Well, everybody wants their wedding photographs to be really dreamy and magical. To achieve this particular demand of the client the photographers do everything humanly possible. But, there is one wedding photographer who has found a simple trick for capturing the most stunning pictures ever!

By using this simple trick wedding photographer creates dreamy and magical wedding pictures that’ll leave you surprised too!

wedding photographer

Not everybody is a master at camera tricks, but you can make do using some tricks which give you results as equivalent to being a pro at the art of photography.

wedding photographer

Mathias Fast has created a trick which is extremely low in budget but will definitely make you look like a pro because the end results of this trick are amazing!

wedding photographer

The basic principle of this trick is based on reflections, you see reflections can create illusions on a whole new level. So, why not use that to create some stunning portraits?

wedding photographer

The trick is simple, all you need is your phone, more specifically your phone screen.

Using it as a reflective surface people can achieve a variety of reflections according to their choice and it definitely adds a uniqueness to the pictures.

Fast has been a professional photographer for almost six years, he doesn’t really take credit for discovering it originally but does rather found it out himself at a client’s wedding photoshoot.

The bride and the bridesmaids were getting ready with their phones lying around, and one the phone’s reflection caught his attention. He adjusted the angle and took the pictures, the end result really made him happy.

wedding photographer

So, for you to perform this trick there are a few steps that you’ll be needing to follow for a perfect picture like Mathias.

Try holding your phone in a horizontal position in front of the camera close to the bottom edge of the lens.

When you’ll look into the viewfinder you’ll find that the lower part of the picture is being reflected.

Adjust the phone screen till you get the desired reflection of your choice and click the picture, you’ll be amazed too with the end result that you get.

Fast also adds that he doesn’t try to overdo this trick but definitely uses it a couple of times according to the locations. His goal is to make the viewers pause for a second to figure out what the picture is about.


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