12 Terribly Tiny Mistakes That Changed The Course Of History!


We make hundreds of mistakes every day, for a very tiny (yet stupid example!) I left my house keys inside my home and locked myself out. Well, this is not much of a mistake, though, right people? But boy I tell you, there are some mistakes which changed the course of history big time! Wondering what those might be? Have a look at some of them in this article and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Here are 16 such terribly tiny mistakes which changed the course of history!

1. The Sinking of Titanic!

We are all aware of the British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean- RMS TITANIC. But did you know why it actually sank? Well apart from the huge iceberg that hit the ship, it was actually a set of keys! Sounds quite curious, doesn’t it? Right before the ship sailed, the members of the company that runs the cruise decided that the ship’s second officer, David Blair, with a more experienced officer, Charles Lightoller. But apparently, Blair in a hurry forgot to hand over the keys for the locker which contained the most important thing, the binoculars! Lookout Fred Fleet is positive that he would’ve spotted the iceberg earlier if he had the binoculars. Well, we wish he’d figure that out a little earlier!

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2. German defeat in World War II

Did you know that celebrating someone’s birthday changed the course of history? Don’t look at me like that I’m dead serious. Someone’s birthday resulted as the “D-DAY”, Field Marshal Erwin Rowell was in charge of defending Europe from Allied invasion, but he, unfortunately, decided to take the weekend off to celebrate his wife’s birthday, and the allies landed at Normandy, and the Germans tasted the largest defeat of all!

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3. Bombing of Hiroshima

Beware of using double meaning words! Before you ask me why, read further. When the allies drafted a Postdam Declaration is 1945 they demanded Japan’s unconditional surrender. When Japanese Premiere Kantako Suzuki responded, he used the word mokusatsu which means “I’ve taken note of the message and I’m thinking about it.” Well, the Japanese Premiere apparently forgot that the word also meant, “to contemptfully ignore”, and this was the translation that the US received. 10 days later the then President Truman dropped a bomb on Hirsohima. Well, now you know why!

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