Then And Now Tranformation Pictures Of The Unforgettable Titanic Cast!


Titanic is that one movie which can never be replaced, it will always remain as our favorite romantic movie. If you talk about a romantic movie and if you don’t include Titanic movie then you are indeed committing a crime. All the dialogues, scenes, cast and the romances between Jack & Rose are still refreshing. Titanic surely hit the iceberg and doomed but also swam like a beautiful swan in the history of the box office for many years.  All these pictures will make you feel nostalgic for sure.

titanic cast then and now

It’s been 19 years and the cast of Titanic still look so young. It seems like the cast of Titanic never aged, and it’s so amazing to see the charm in their faces. I’m sure when you look at them you will remember your first time watching this movie. Let’s see then and now pictures.

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We fell in love with the cast, let’s fall again. These Pictures show What The Titanic Cast Looks Like Today.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson

We all know what Leo is today. After his mega success with Titanic, he starred in many big films. Leo and Kate reunited on-screen again in Revolutionary Road. Leo is one of the most talented actors we have in Hollywood and he is always ready to do something different. He finally has an Oscar now but the greatest reward an actor can ever get is loyal fans, and he has a huge fan base. We all love this mega star for his tremendous work over the years.

titanic cast then and now pictures


2. Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater

Did you know that Gwyneth Paltrow was allegedly supposed to play the role of Rose in the movie, glad she turned down the offer and we got to see Kate Winslet? Casting Kate was definitely the right choice and she still looks so beautiful. Kate was the youngest person to achieve six Academy Award nominations, winning one for The Reader. Her then and now pictures don’t really show that she has changed much.

titanic cast then and now
*Jack & Rose, then and now*

They still look so beautiful and cute together. People just adore this friendship, hope it lasts forever. After looking at then and now pictures it looks like they never aged.

titanic cast then and now


3. Billy Zane as Cal Hockley

No one could have played the role of Cal Hockley better than Billy Zane. He was known for his dashing hero roles in movies like ‘The Phantom’, he brought his smarmy charisma to the role of Rose’s husband to be Cal Hockley. But did you know that Pierce Brosnan was one of the men who auditioned for this role?

titanic cast then and now



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