Today’s Problem Shown Via Satirical Illustrations And They Are On Point.


There is o much going in the world right now and sometimes we fail to see it. When you see it via illustrations or art, you realize the true meaning behind it. Nowadays, people are coming with illustrations to show things that we fail to see in our everyday’s life when you see all of them at once, you would realize that there is a lot happening in the world and this change is not really positive. Here we are talking about a famous artist, Gunduz Aghayev. He has featured in many articles and has got a name for his art. Today we will be showing his satirical remark on today’s problem. Keep reading to see his interesting and on point satires.

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Satirical illustrations by Gunduz Aghayev on today’s problem. Let’s take a look!

1. The wall border Trump is trying to build. This ideology is funny but you never know when it becomes true.

satirical illustrations

2. The war for Visa. It’s sad but true.

3. When will we fix this problem? This is so sad to see.

satirical illustrations

4. The pied piper of the 21st century. Do you agree?

satirical illustrations

5. Damn, that’s so real. This is why I don’t watch the news.

satirical illustrations

6. We as modern humans. Not true for all but it’s happening with some people.

satirical illustrations

7. Lol, funny but on point.

satirical illustrations

8. Execution of Sofia, though she has got the citizenship. Do you think this will happen with the AI robot?

satirical illustrations

9. It may look like a joke but you never know that it may become a reality one day

10. The last oasis

satirical illustrations

11.  People throwing back gas bombs

12. This is how we idolize our soldiers

satirical illustrations

After seeing these illustrations you would definitely go in deep thought and realize that there is a lot happening in the world and it’s happening so fast that sometimes we fail to notice it. Thanks to the artist for making these satirical remarks on today’s problem. It’s an eye-opener for all of us.

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