8 Craziest & Weirdest Yet Amazing Restaurants Around The World!


5. Yellow Treehouse in New Zealand.

The concept proved challenging and encompassed a range of consultants to get both Resource Consent, Building Consent and construction underway in a very limited time.It’s the treehouse we all dreamed of as children but could only do as an adult fantasy. Inside, the 30-foot-wide space can seat a total of 30 people and includes a kitchen and toilet on the ground below. Clever “curved fin” structure made from laminated pine and locally sourced redwood.



6. Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan.

We take almost everything in washroom except food. But those who had this wild imagination of taking food in there… well this restaurant is made keeping people like you in mind. Here people are seated on the toilet (lid closed) and also served food in the dishes looking as the toilet seat.



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