8 Craziest & Weirdest Yet Amazing Restaurants Around The World!


7. Dinner in the Sky.

Well, there is no particular restaurant in the name of dinner in the sky but it is a concept getting hugely popular in the US and also in Europe. The crane suspends a table up to 165 feet high above the ground and about 33 people can have a seat and costs $33,000 for 8 hours. There are only two rules: First rule: don’t be afraid of heights. The second rule: don’t drop your fork!



8. Opaque Restaurant in Los Angeles.

Yes, nothing is visible here. You eat here just on the basis of your smell and praise food just for taste.Customers have dinner in absolute darkness, with only four senses to guide them through. The concept wished to raise awareness about blindness, but some say food never tasted better.




Image Credits: hdwall.net


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