These 12 Spoiled Kids You Won’t Believe Exist. They’ll Give You A Tough Time


7. Barron Trump

Barron Trump has his own floor in New York’s Trump’s Tower. The walls of his Trump’s Tower floor are covered with airplanes, helicopters and his own drawing. Her mother slathers him in an expensive caviar moisturizer.

spoiled kids

8. Prince George

When you are from a royal family you are gonna be pampered with the finest things in life. A nail care company Stylfile created a file and clipper for him but unlike a typical nail care set, this one is made from 18-carat gold and is adorned with 350 one-carat diamonds.

spoiled kids

9. Max Bratman

Max Bratman’s mama is none other than pop diva Christina Aguilera. The designing of his nursery took more than four months to create and the total decor was of $35,000. It had all the designer stuff including designer furniture with a round crib and an eclectic mix of themes including Nintendo and Paddington Bear.

spoiled kids


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