9 Incidents When TV Strangely Predicted The Future So Accurate


4. Spooks and London Bombings

The MI5 TV series from Britain is famous for its engaging crime plots. But the TV show made its headlines when six months prior to the actual tragedy, it aired an episode whose plot was very similar to what happened during the London Bombings. Another horror which came true.

Pic: The Spooks TV Series Poster

TV predicted the Future


5. Star Trek and 1969 Moon Landing

A Star Trek episode, aired in 1967 mentions that the year is 1969 and a manned mission to Moon will take place next Wednesday. Ironically, the Apollo 11 spaceship cruised into skies on a Wednesday and the year we all know was 1969.

Pic: The Star Trek

TV predicted the Future


6. Person of Interest and Edward Snowden.

The TV series ‘Person of Intrest’ centers around a group which tries to prevent crimes before they happen (somewhat like the movie, Minority Report). In one episode, a young National Security Agency agent discovers the illegal mass-scale surveillance conducted by his government. He then alerts the media of this fraudulent practice and afterward his own government tries to hunt him down. The episode aired around a year before Edward Snowden did exactly the same. Fascinating!

Pic: Edward Snowden

TV predicted the Future


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