9 Incidents When TV Strangely Predicted The Future So Accurate


7. The Simpsons and Horsemeat

In one of the episode, aired in 1994, the Simpsons features an episode where it showed the Springfield Elementary’s Cafeteria serving Horse Meat, prompting a scandal. Similar strings of events happened in 2013 on a massive scale in 2013 Europe,inviting backlash from all sections.

Pic: The Simpsons 

TV predicted the Future


8. Scrubs and Osama Bin Laden

This one is weird. In a 2007 episode, the comedy sitcom Scrubs featured a scene where a character is telling another that the USA should be looking for Bin Laden in Pakistan. Well, we all know where Bin Laden was hiding.

Pic: Osama Bin Laden in his Pakistani Hideout

TV predicted the Future
9. Family Guy and Caitlyn Jenner

This one is as direct as they come.In a 2009 episode, Stewie tells Brian that Bruce Jenner is actually a woman. He describes her as a Beautiful elegant Dutch woman. Six years later, Bruce Jenner came out as a woman and changed her name to ‘Caitlyn Jenner’.

Pic: Family guy correctly predicted about Caitlyn Jenner

TV predicted the Future



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