Relatives : The Official Brand Ambassadors of Sarcasm!


4) The ‘Uninvited & Unwanted Guest’ relatives!

They take the Indian idiom ‘Atithi Devo Bhav’ rather too seriously and don’t hesitate to pop anytime along with their tantrums. Now your cooked meals would be reviewed whether they’re worth their taste or not….. your bedroom would be taken away so that their sound sleep faces no disturbance ….. and your hospitality would be judged every second for flaws and faults. These relatives are the hardest to please and even after your millions of efforts, they’d still find ways to pick holes in your warmth and welcome.

types of relatives

5) The “When is your result coming” relatives?

They may not even bother to give you a call on your birthday, but even God can’t make them forget when on Earth your results are coming! Looks like they’ve set up a reminder or something to accomplish their most significant task of keeping a record of all of your triumphs and failures since you ever got admitted to the damn educational world. And then the parliamentary sessions begin about how much better you could have done. From your kindergartens to your job, they would continue to be the ultimate career counselors of yours. And you really can’t do anything about it!

types of relatives

6) The “I’m stalking you on Facebook” relatives!

For them, your online status at night is as serious a crime as getting addicted to drugs, getting accused of murder or robbing a bank! The Earth can forget to rotate at times but they would never ever forget to ping you with “Who are you chatting with so late??”. Moreover, they’ve eagle’s eyes on every single post of yours……… every single tag of yours…….. even every single friend of yours (they might have stalked your friends’ accounts too….. you never know!!). And God’s forbid if you accidentally post something romantic……… well, Rest In Peace dear!!

types of relatives

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