These Unknown Features Will Surely Help You Operate Your Mac Better. 


4. Auto spelling check.

Many of us are at loggerheads with spellings of typical words. Oh, wait, Mac has a solution to it. While typing in iChat or TextEdit, press F5 or Option + Escape to view a pop down menu that will contain all the possible spellings.

Unknown features of Mac.


5. Track Flights

You can now even track flights in the new EI Capitan. All you need to do is press on a flight number in an email, for example, and you’re done. A pop-up window including all the information and map will be right in front of you. If in case you lack a trackpad, right click and select the Look Up option from the menu that appears.

Unknown features of Mac. Via

6. Split View

Switching between two applications simultaneously can be a great hassle. In OS X El Capitan, you don’t have to fuss regarding it. Click and hold the green zoom button of a window and then drag it to the place. If you are already having a full-screen view, open Mission Control and then drag a window onto the thumbnail of full-screen app at the top of the screen.

Unknown features of Mac.Via 


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