10 World’s Most Frustrating Murder Mysteries, Still Unsolved! #8 Is So Terrifying!


8. Marilyn Sheppard

1954: Marilyn Sheppard was brutally killed in Cleveland. Her husband was convicted but later on released after proving his innocence. According to her Husband, it was a “Dark-Hair Intruder”. He sought for the murderer until the last day of his life. He died in 1970. Their 7-year-old son was sleeping next door when the murder happened. He now continues his Dad’s quest until this day.

unsolved murder mysteries

9. The Black Dahlia

1947: This moniker was given to Elizabeth Short, due to her dark hair and wardrobe. She was a victim of a gruesome and much-publicized murder. Her body was sliced with surgical precision and drained of blood and was found mutilated in Leimert Park, Los Angeles.

unsolved murder mysteries

10. Jimmy Hoffa

1975: Jimmy Hoffa, a gangster and labor union president was last seen in the parking lot of a restaurant in Michigan.  He was waiting to meet someone at 2 am. 7  years later he was declared dead. His body was never found and became one of the popular murder mysteries of all times.

unsolved murder mysteries


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