12 Unsung Heroes of India Who Were Not Mentioned In Our History Books


These unsung heroes of India were forgotten with the passage of time. Freedom fighters like Jawhar Lal Nehru, Gandhi Ji, Sarojini Naidu and so on.They found a special place in history textbooks and in our hearts and brains. They were sung endless glories of. Their houses converted into museums and memorials and their dresses and furniture stored.  But there are some heroes who remain unsung and forgotten. They remained forgotten.

unsung heroes of india

Let us look at 12 such unsung heroes who fought for our country, India till their very last breath with love, compassion, and loyalty greater than we can ever imagine.

1. Aurobindo Ghose

This is one of the unsung heroes who was a spiritual leader as well as a freedom fighter. He was a rebel through his writings. His articles were considered treason against the British government. He was imprisoned by the colonial rulers since his articles seemed to instigate freedom fighters.

forgotten unsung heroes of india

2. Begum Hazrat Mahal

During the Great Indian Revolt of 1857. She protested against the obliteration of places of worship by the East India Company, and thus, along with Raja Jailal Singh, led a huge army against the British forces.

unsung heroes of india


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