Visiting Relatives is Fun? 8 Reasons You Would Think Otherwise!


     3. Career Advice

Before beginning, let me lay out one thing for your understanding here. Had I been so equipped and excelling in my work skills, I wouldn’t be “spending vacation time” at a relative’s place. There are many better ideas of vacations. Wasn’t Europe topped the list of 10 Best Destinations in  this month’s US Weekly?

Nevertheless, rest assured and just assume that I perform miserably at work and hence chose this to be my “fun time”!

Anyhow, the part where being a guest gets interesting is when the hosts ask for a “Career Advice”. It could be either for their children or worse, for them! God forbid, if the missus wants a career move and wants to be a restaurateur, all heads will turn to you. No matter what, but “I am a Data Analyst and don’t know a dime about restaurants” WON’T WORK AS AN ANSWER!

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  1. Those bodily passages to aerial movements are no longer free!

We mean you cannot fart like you so extravagantly used to before. Plain and simple! So competing with your own self by exploding “it” at the top of its noise can now be forgotten. Painful, isn’t it?

And as easy as it may sound, stop controlling it in front of kids, it gets messier. Believe me!

Visiting relatives
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