Visiting Relatives is Fun? 8 Reasons You Would Think Otherwise!


7. You cannot use the “Facilities” with aplomb anymore.

The relatives you visit might be pretty close to your family, but the luxury to actually feel comfortable in using all the facilities like Internet, Television or Automobiles should be let go for some days now.

It is okay for sometime but what if something pretty important turns up?

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8. Kids. Oh, Kids!

As much adorable as they seem, kids will be the reason of that pain in your ass. You have a smartphone, oh well, be ready to lend it until the juice runs out. And the sweet statement “Got any games”?

Believe me, it will haunt your memories for life!

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Well, there is a plethora of other reasons why being a guest sucks. Why don’t you write some of your experiences in the comment section below? I can’t always have all the fun! So now what’s your opinion on visiting relatives?


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