We Still Don’t How Do These Famous Television Characters Look Like!


Television shows have been a major part of our lives. Whether it’s cartoons or our favorite television series, I guess one thing was always the same, not seeing some of our favorite characters on screen. But we always wanted to know how these famous television characters actually look like? Well, I guess now we can live in peace!

Here are some of your favorite television characters whose face yet remains unseen on-screen!

1. Twin Peaks, Diane.

Anybody who has watched this series knows that Diane was Dale Cooper’s mysterious secretory. And she is quite a popular part of the show. But whether she’s a real person or just him imagining a coping mechanism remains yet to be seen.

2. Fraiser, Maris Crane.

Her name has been often mentioned on the show as Nile Crane’s first wife. But, she has never made an on-screen appearance on the show.

3. Babylon 5, Kosk Naranek.

Seems quite acceptable as the show unfolds, but we haven’t yet seen Kosh’s face on the show because he always appears in a shield to hide his real form.

4. Scrubs, Enid Kelson.

I guess, this sitcom is definitely a fan favorite. Enid Kelson who is an obese, paraplegic and unkind woman is often mentioned in the show but has never been shown on screen.

5. Tom and Jerry, Mammy Two Shoes.

This was one of the biggest mysteries I wanted to solve growing up. Now, I can finally be at peace, Lilian Randolph is the face of Mammy two shoes.

6. Will and Grace, Stan Walker.

Karen’s husband who now owns a multi-billion dollar company, Walker. Inc has never been onscreen. They have an occasional lunch, but to the audience, he remains unseen.

7. Columbo, Mrs. Columbo.

favorite television characters

One can only work their imagination as to how Mrs. Columbo looks like through her husband’s dialogue. But, she too remains behind the screen.

8. Ugly Naked Guy, Friends.

favorite televsion characters

Remember the Ugly Naked Guy living across the street just opposite to Monica and Rachel’s apartment? Well, we only know he is ugly, naked, sometimes cute, and finally settles down with a naked woman. Well, he too is an addition to our list.

9. Charlie’s Angels, Charlie Townsend.

favorite television characters

Charlie and old yet brilliant detective remains unseen in all of Charlie’s Angels original and remakes. He apparently has too many enemies to come out in the open. But, the voice was given by Jon Forsythe.

10. The Big Bang Theory, Howard’s Mom.

favorite televison characters

This woman, definitely got on my nerves while watching the show. But, she was never shown onscreen. Well, the voice of Howard’s Jewish mom was given by, Carol Ann Susi.


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