Weird Farting Questions Answered – Yes Silent Fart Is The Deadliest..!


First – For those who are in misconception – Yes, both Men and Women fart – it is all about who hides it better.  😀

Second – Yes there are some people who actually like the smell of fart. :3

Famous people Fart too. :p

You definitely cannot lose weight by farting.

And it’s completely NOT OKAY to fart on your Dog’s face and make him roam around like crazy.


Farting is like breathing and yes it is necessary to fart. If otherwise then the gases will fill up inside your body creating pressure and then imagine what happens to a balloon overfilled with gas.Everyone is embarrassed at least once in their life due to farting too loud or in a case of two people together – – the smell does the work.

Well, We wish Farting could be avoided. But it’s a curse for us all – though you should agree farting actually releases pressure makes you feel light.

To avoid embarrassment we all try to fart out silently and with the least movement but it ends up loud mostly We wish we had training or no Farts at all. But here is the Bad thing about it – Silent farts are the worst of all types.In case you are wondering why… here’s the explanation.

Moving on…!!!

Now you wonder – Can you avoid smelling other people’s fart…?

Lol No..!! every single fart molecule travels at the speed of 243m/s and the average human can run at a max of 12.3m/s. So no one in this world can escape farts – it’s a human curse except for some people who actually like the smell of farts.

Eat nice to avoid the smell of your fart. Use deodorants or perfume in your clothes – for just in case anyone else farts you can replace the smell by smelling your own clothes.

So be Fart protected..!

Be armed…!!!!

Eat healthily and save others too from your fart…!!

Or you can eat all the filth and take revenge on people by farting :p 😉

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