10 Weird Things That Girls Do When They’re Alone At Home!


8. The B#tt Photographer:-

Getting totally na3ed and taking mirror selfies of your b#tt totally na*ed or in a thong it a nice way of spicing up your relationship with your boyfriend. In case you do not have a boyfriend then you can save them in another file for sending at a later date.

9. Eating for Two:-

Girls might be eating for two while they are alone as there is nobody to point out that you might be eating in more excess. Order a pizza/ burger for two while imagining that you are with your boyfriend and eat for him too.
Weird Things That Girls Do When They're Alone At Home.

10. The Honey Junkie

Girls always pretend to keep unhealthy food out of their house but when they are alone they eat the whole sugar from the kitchen. It simply like the  eating honey by spoon directly from the jar like a junkie getting her fix.



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