16 Weird Things People Do With Their Crushes! You’ve Done These Too!


9. You’ve clicked on their profile so many times that Facebook actually knows you type this name way too much! So your computer finishes the text after the first letter itself.

people do weird things with their crushesvia

10. You’ve imagined every possible scenario in your head of how you would get together. But you forget that this is just inside your head! (Dear Crush, I could write a novel about my imaginary dates spend with you.)

weird things people do with their crushesvia

11. When he finally asks you out. You jump across the room for at least 3 minutes celebrating your first victory. DAMN!

weird things people do with their crushesvia

12. You keep on talking about them all day long. (And it sorta pisses off your friends. Sorry guys. But I can’t help it!)

weird things people do with their crushesvia 


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