The Most Weird And Unusual Family Found In The World. 


10. 50 Shades Of WTF. 

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Janice and Cameron Hooker kidnapped 20 year old Colleen Stan after offering to drop her off to her friend’s house and kept her as their slave for 7 years as it was their fetish. They were ultimately caught when the wife felt bad for Colleen and went to the cops.

11. Fritzl’s Basement Family. 

Unusual weirdvia

Josef Fritzl became infamous world-wide in April of 2008 when he was arrested for keeping his daughter in a cellar for 24 years.Over the period that he kept his daughter imprisoned he impregnated her 8 times; resulting in 1 miscarriage and 7 children of incestuous birth. He kept this family hidden in his basement for years.
12. The Russian Crime Family. 

Unusual weirdvia

Inessa Tarverdieva was a kindergarten teacher who turned to the life of crime. But she was not alone; her husband and and sister were with her in her secret life too. She has confessed to over 30 murders.


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