When It Comes To Weird Trends Japan Tops The List!


The Land of The Rising Sun Japan is definitely famous for its culture and traditions. It is one of the most advanced countries with modern technologies. But the same can’t be said for the weird trends that the Japanese people tend to follow. Some trends are so weird that it is better to denote them as crazy!

You’ll be shocked and thankful that these weird trends are only found in Japan!

1. Decora.

weird trends

This trend dates back to the 90s and 2000s but now has returned full-fledged. The trend to showcase your inner child out in the open is something that the Japanese people find really fascinating. Using a lot of accessories and anything and everything that can bring out the child in you is what this trend is all about.

2. Ganguro.

weird trends

How would you like a really bold tan? But don’t worry, you can wash it off whenever you like. Because this tan is achieved with the help of makeup that resembles getting a tan.

3. Face filters for enlarging eyes.

weird trends

Japanese are obsessed with big bright eyes that can actually make them stand out in the crowd. From lenses to plastic surgeries to now recently developed face apps they’ll do anything it takes to have bigger and brighter eyes.

4. Kigurumi.

weird trends

Well, this particular trend of wearing animal printed pajamas are not confined only to Japan. People really love this trend and are creating more demand for such pajamas.

5. Face Lifting masks.

Japanese people have really beautiful skin, the reason being they put a lot of effort and thought into creating skincare products. Well, the face lifting masks are one such effort to achieve wrinkle-free youthful skin.

6. Shironuri.

This trend involves painting yourself white, yes, starting from the clothes to makeup, everything has to be white here.

7. Eyelid trainer.

This gadget will help you look European by creating a double eyelid. Sounds crazy right? But, it is every bit true.

8. Bagels on Forehead.

I don’t know what could possibly be appealing for the people adopting this trend, but this trend involves and saline injection injected under the forehead skin to give a bagel like an appearance. It disappears with 24 hours!

9. Lipstick Templates.

To all the ladies who have a tough time putting lipstick this is definitely helpful.

10. Breast packs.

Everybody wants, well, fuller and attractive breasts, so when plastic surgery is not affordable the Japanese people stick to these breast packs.


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