Whom You’re Going To Murder Most Likely, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Whom Will You Murder Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You have friends in the Zodiac, some best friends too. Like a Gemini can match the best with Aquarius, Libra and Gemini itself. If you match with some, you completely contradict to some. Hence, some signs will be so anti-your sign that you could even kill that signs. That Gemini can also murder a sign because it drives the Gemini nuts.

So, let’s see which one sign you would murder based on your sign.

1. Aries

This fire sign ruled by Mars is enthusiastic with their secret desire is to lead the way for others.  They are adventurous,  active,  outgoing, naïve and child at heart. This sign is also characterized by its athletic, dynamic and aggressive nature. They may get along with LEO or SAGGITARUS but they would kill CANCER as they are the opposites in almost everything.

 Whom Will You Murder Based On Your Zodiac Sign


2. Taurus

This earth sign ruled by the planet Venus is the sign of beauty. They  love everything soft and pretty. These beauty admirers have a secret desire of having emotional and financial security. This sign is sensual, kind, withdrawn and loves luxury. If they get a chance, they would murder AQUARIUS because this change driver is annoying to them.

Whom Will You Murder Based On Your Zodiac Sign


3. Gemini

This sir sign ruled by Mercury is multi-talented and its main goal is to be ahead of the crowd. This sign represented by The Twins is adventurous and full of life. If got a chance, this sign would kill PISCES without a second thought as this sign comes off as too broody for this playful sign.

Whom Will You Murder Based On Your Zodiac Sign




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