Why Do Men Find Older Women Irresistible?


Relationships are often in the same age group and the same kinds of people. People just expect that whoever dates must be of the same age no matter what. In recent times, this has changed though, age is just a number now. Older men fall for younger women and vice versa. But, while for some reason all the men find older women irresistible and better than someone of their own age. If you’re a guy you cannot deny this fact that you seem more comfortable dating an older person. There is a logical reason for this that will clear all your doubts.

Below are the reasons that men find older women irresistible:

Relationships are always smooth.


Women are more mature and don’t beat the bush when they feel that they’re hurt by you, they’re just straightforward. This brings lesser complications.

They are experienced in life.


They know what you might be suffering from and won’t act childish as someone of your age would. They’ll support you in the phase and let it pass.

They don’t need continuous pampering.

Immature women just always need pampering and special attention for no reason. They want to see you giving gestures of love every time. That’s not the case with women older than you, they understand it’s stupid to just declare love every time and share the feeling mutually.

They don’t live in fantasies.


As a young couple, people have many fantasies about life that aren’t at all practical but they just can’t stop dreaming about them until they age and realize the truth of life. With women who aren’t young, they already know the truth of life.

Financial Responsibility/Support.

Everyone needs to be smart enough to understand the value of money. Young women spend crazy money on things that aren’t worth it and never get the point. In the case of mature women, they’ll know how to manage their lives and maybe even teach you some tricks.


The worst problem of young women is that they can always be persuaded by someone else with some effort until the woman is smart enough. In the case of older women, they don’t easily trust anyone, to trust you was one of the hardest decisions for her, leave alone some other guy.

Younger Women Seek approval from everyone.


It’s obvious, women who’re young always want to seek attention and get approval from the public which becomes annoying at some level. Older women are just comfortable in their own skin and with you rather than the people out there.

They’re focussed.

One of the basic points that attract men to older women in the first place. They have life goals and don’t want anyone to interfere with them and that actually attracts men.

Being Calm And Peaceful.

There’s a lot of adrenaline rush in relationships when you’re young, you wanna do so much in so little time. While some people would like that, some just like it to go slow and peacefully and that’s when women who have aged a bit come in. They also want the same in life and then it’s a perfect match.

They’re like your psychiatrists.


Someone who’s your age will just understand your point a certain level but someone who’s older could actually guide you as to how to overcome some problem.


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