Top Horror Stories From Winning Lotto That You’ll Be Shocked To Hear!


Have you heard of horror stories that were because of winning lotto?Well, even though there are various illegal ways that you can use to achieve your goal from the comfy of your couch, I don’t think you would prefer to take the risk and perhaps end up behind bars for the rest of your life. So, is there any legal way to get rich in an instant? Well, it seems like there is. Winning lotto or Lottery tickets! Or, better known as lotto tickets.Many crimes and horror stories are created due to these lottery tickets. Winning lotto has been an addiction to some people. It sometimes becomes horror stories for some people and these horror stories from winning lotto is really terrifying.

These are basically a piece of paper with printed information on them, mostly codes, numbers or alphanumeric combinations. You buy them for some mere 2-10 bucks and then hope to win in the lottery round.  Out of millions of numbers and combinations if you are that lucky person whose lotto ticket number matches with that of the number that came up by chance, then you are awarded the corresponding prize. That’s how it works. Seems easy right?
Well, for some lucky people it’s very easy to win that. For others, not so much! You should remember that your chances of winning the lotto or the grand prize are less than even 1%.

Well, not everybody has a nice luck all throughout. Let’s look at some cases where people have lost more than just money in their life after winning lotto.

These horror stories will make you think twice before the next time you go to buy a lotto ticket (even if it is just for fun):

horror stories winning lotto


1.Broken Marriage
Did it ever cross your mind that a lotto ticket can make your marriage go wrong? No, right? Well, it can.
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Denise Rossi were a happily married couple for over 25 years. There were no marital issues between them. One fine day, she asked for a divorce from her husband. The husband, as well as the judge, was kept in the dark about the fact that Mrs. Rossi had won a $1.3 million in lotto! As soon as the judge came into the light about the lotto winnings, as it was against the California’s disclosures law, he provided all the winnings to her newly divorced ex-husband.
horror stories winning lottovia
horror stories winning lottovia


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