These Women Chose Their Boyfriends Over Their BFF And They Have No Regrets!


Sisters before misters, this is something that the millennials have been supporting their whole lives. But, this isn’t always true, sometimes you just can’t let go of your boyfriends because of your BFF. And that is okay, you don’t have to be guilty about it. Priorities change and you shouldn’t have any regrets because of it!

Did you choose your boyfriends over you BFF? I’m sure you’ll be able to relate then!

1. Well, that is definitely KARMA my dear sister. 

2. Okay, that is definitely going to stay around for a long long time!

3. They really and absolutely are!choosing boyfriends over BFF

4. This is the reason I called it quits with my BFF. 

5. Well, there are things that you can stop regretting about and get it done. 

6. I couldn’t agree more, you should always stand by your decisions and you’ll see them working out.

7. They weren’t your friends in the first place if they bad mouthed you in the first place.

8. Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to blame or make yourself feel guilty over it!

9. Hmm, I get that, but ask yourself would be really happy if you had not chosen your boyfriend?

10. Sometimes, it takes a major decision for you to know who’s real and who’s fake!

11. Then you should go and talk to her. 

12. I’m sure she does. And if she doesn’t she wasn’t really your friend, now, was she?

13. Well, I think if the friendship was real. You’ll definitely be able to do it. 

14. Any best friend that makes you choose between your man and herself isn’t really your best friend. 

15. Okay, that might’ve hurt a lot. 

16. They really are so rare. And don’t worry, it’ll all be good. 

17. Sometimes, people really want to make you sad!

18. If it feels like it did them maybe you did. But, if you are happy, then why regret?

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19. Good for you man!read also: 14 Reasons Girls Can’t Stop Loving Their Guy Friends.

20. You can’t really choose between two halves of your life!


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