Here’s Why Science Says Women Need More Sleep Than Men


Hey, Guys! Did you hear that? Yes, Science says that women need more sleep than Men. Aren’t you desperate to know the reason? Well, it’s the bunch of reasons actually. Check them out here!

It is usually seen that guy get annoyed when they see their women sleeping a bit longer than them anytime. Though it rarely happens. According to several studies, it has been stated that women need more sleep than men to stay fit and healthy. If you want to know why read this blog. I hope this will change your perception!

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So, here you go! Scientific Reasons Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men.

1. Brain Wired Differently

It is considered that the brain of women is wired differently from that of men’s. I mean they are more complex, hence need more time to rewind and get back to work.


Women Need More Sleep


2. Women Do Multi-tasking

Women are known for their multi-tasking qualities. They do a lot of tasks all at once and are flexible. So they tend to use more of their brain than men do. They need to relax for more time as well.

Women Need More Sleep


3. Women Worry More

Women usually lose sleep by worrying about big and small problems about work, family, love life, friends and lot more, that too constantly. They need to compensate that.

Women Need More Sleep



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