Women Show Half Face With Makeup And Show The Change


Makeup is a very important part of the lives of women and there might not be many women that can live without it even though it’s not like an essential thing to survive. It makes you look beautiful and who wouldn’t want that after all. Women and men alike change drastically after they apply makeup and you might not even know who they were earlier. The biggest examples of people who change after doing it are celebrities, they aren’t perfect like they look on the cameras, they’re just like us but since they’re always on camera, they are always on makeups and we never know what they actually look like with some imperfections.

Below are images of some women who show their face with Half Makeup and rest half as it is so you can tell the difference it makes:

1. Nikkie was the first Woman to bring the trend.


She posted a youtube video about it after she was inspired by a show named “Wake up and Makeup!”. This kicked off the trend of women sharing half photos of them with and without makeup.

2. Yunnie Rose.

3. Kim Kardashian West Also Featured on her channel displaying differences.

4. Evelina Forsell.

She’s one that looks equally beautiful in both her sides.

5. Christen Dominique.

6. Many Women also rose up to this.

Women who weren’t celebrities also tried this and posted their photos online on social media websites.

7. Popular Celebrity Patrick Starr also made his own video.

And displayed his own version of half makeup and half natural beauty.

8. Jazzy Mina.

9. This German Woman is a totally different person.

You can clearly see the comparison of the natural beauty of this woman with the make-up one.

10. Mayratouchofglam Channel.

How could all the big YouTubers in the makeup space stay behind in this Power Trend after all?


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