Ever Wondered Why Do Couples Kiss Under The Mistletoe? Here’s Why!


But the kissing under the mistletoe tradition is more prominently linked to the Norse mythology. According to legends, Baldur was killed by an enemy’s arrow made out of the mistletoe plant. Seeing her son die, Goddess Frigg wept tears onto the arrow.

couples kiss under the mistletoe


These tears somehow formed the white berries bringing Baldur back to life. Since these berried saved his son’s life the Goddess blessed this plant to be the symbol of love and promised a kiss to anybody who passed beneath it.

The old tradition of kissing a girl under the mistletoe.

couples kiss under the mistletoevia

According to the earlier form of the tradition, a woman who is seen standing under the mistletoe will be kissed. But in the early days, kissing in public was very controversial, and besides it is really weird if a stranger walks up and kisses you for absolutely no reason. So to fulfill the tradition and at the same time look chivalrous the man would kiss the lady’s hand who was standing under it.

couples kiss under the mistletoevia 


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