Ever Wondered Why We Cross Fingers For Good Luck?


People gradually realized that doing the good luck finger cross using two people was not so interesting, so they upgraded. The solo finger cross developed during the bloody Hundred Years War by soldiers eager for anything that might curry God’s favor.

Why is it used while lying?

cross fingers for good luck


All of us have done that haven’t we? Crossing fingers while lying. One of the Ten Commandments is “do not testify falsely against your neighbor”—or, put simply, do not lie.

cross fingers for good luckvia

It is speculated that Christians started making the cross symbol with their fingers when lying to protect themselves against God’s wrath for breaking one of the commandments. Or you can also put it this way that you are using the cross finger symbol that you are asking for luck to get away with the lie.

cross fingers for good luckvia

So the next time you need a little good luck or want to escape a white lie don’t forget to keep your fingers crossed!


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