8 Bizarre Foods Around The World That Will Make You Go Yuck!


3) Haggis (Scotland)

Well, a pudding makes the list. But don’t be mistaken, Haggis is no ordinary pudding. It is actually made from Sheep’s heart, liver and lungs (collectively called as pluck). Surprisingly, Haggis is Scotland’s national dish.

Pic: Haggis (doesn’t really look like a Pudding.)

Bizarre Foods around the World


4) Casu Marzu (Italy)

Casu Marzu is actually a cheese. Well hold your breath for a second, the term Casu Marzu translates to rotten cheese and the dish is made from live insect larvae! It is a traditional dish coming from Italy and regions from Sicily but recent European laws had banned it, citing food safety issues.

Pic: Casu Marzu, this dish has live larvae in it.

Bizarre Foods around the World


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