8 Bizarre Foods Around The World That Will Make You Go Yuck!


5) Surstömming (Sweden)

A traditional Swedish cuisine since the 16th century, Surstömming or the fermented fish is actually a unique dish. It is made when salt is added to raw fish and then this fish is fermented for SIX MONTHS! Phew, and the can (where the fish is fermented), when opened, leaves one of the most putrid foods to smell in the world. The odour is so overwhelming that Surstömming is always eaten outdoors.

Pic: The fermented fish dish,  Surstömming

Bizarre Foods around the World

6)  Shirako/Milt (Japan)

Ever thought eating Sperm for foods? Yikes, it’s true. In Japan, they call it Shirako which is actually the sperm of fish and it is eaten absolutely raw. The unfortunate species whose sperms are selected for Shirako are Cod, salmon, anglerfish and squid.

Pic: Shirako, the food made from sperm.

Bizarre Foods around the World


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