The Worst And The Most Ridiculous Fashion Trends 2017 Had To Offer.

I never understood what goes on in the minds of all those genius fashion designers who set some of the most ridiculous fashion trends into motion. Anyway, let’s take a look at the worst dresses 2017 had to offer.
1. Jeans Over Jeans! Double Jeans! What Even! 
Most ridiculous fashion trends
And we’re off with this list with the most cringeworthy attire you’ll ever see. I’m serious when I say this. I won’t be caught dead wearing that!
2. The Boob T-Shirt. 
You can always count on fashion designers to come up with some of the worst ideas. Nevermind the designers. Who turns absurdities such as these into fashion trends? What’s wrong with you 2017?
3. Thong Jeans. The Most Ridiculous Jeans You’ll Ever See. 
Why? Just why? And on top of it, these ridiculous fashion trends are costly af! This jeans actually cost around $900!
4. Tricky Tops. 
I’ve seen thong jeans so this doesn’t look that bad to me.
5. The Straw Hat Dress. 
That’s not a dress. That’s a bunch of hats. What’s wrong with you people?
6. Custom Croca. Because It Had To Get Worse Than Just Crocs. 
Most ridiculous fashion trends of 2017.
7. Male Rompers. 
I need six restraining orders.
8. I Don’t Know What The F*ck That Is And I Don’t Care. 
It looks like a mattress cover.
9. Crotchless Jeans. 
This looks like a very bad version of cowboy pants. This is so bad that it’s balls jumped off and ran away. Hence the name Crotchless Jeans. 
10. Detachable Jeans. Because You Never Know When You May Have To Detach Your Jeans. 
Could save your life in extreme situations. Can take away your pride for sure though.
11. This Is The “When Is So Cold That Your Hands Are Freezing But It’s Not That Cold So You Walk Around Bare Chested” Sweater. 
Seriously, that has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
12. And This Is The “We Messed Up At The Factory Due To Faulty Machinery So We’re Gonna Call Them ‘Pre-destroyed Margiela Sneakers’ And Charge $1.400 For It Because F*ck You” Shoes. 
I know it’s a long name but it suits these fashion trends.
13. Clear Jeans. 
Because you’ve got nothing to hide.
14. Balenciaga’s Car Mat Skirts. 
Most ridiculous fashion trends
Yes you can wipe your shoes on them too. It’s an ingenious invention!
15. Moschino’s Dry Cleaner Dress. 
I’m out of words now.


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