Classic Indianisms – 8 Things We Do That Are Totally Wrong


We often come across a lot of words and phrases which sound perfectly well to Indians but would definitely sound hilarious to the rest of the world.

Here are some of the funny ‘ Indianisms ’ that we Indians love  to use and will probably continue using.

  1. Like this only

This happens when you ask someone a ‘why’ question and the person is unwilling or too bored to tell you the real reason, the answer you get is, “Like this only”. This probably would make no sense to a non-Indian, but we are like this only.

Classic Indianisms That Are Totally Wrong

  1. Passing out

The rest of the world comprehends this phrase as ‘fainting’, but to the Indians, this means to graduate from a college or school.

So when you ask an Indian, “Where did you graduate from?” the answer you get is, “Oh! I passed out from that school.”

Classic Indianisms That Are Totally Wrong


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