You Will Not Be Able To Recognise These Hollywood Celebrities Without Makeup


When we see the celebrities on TV or magazine covers, we think how can they look so perfect? Well, they don’t. They have scars and pimples just like us but it’s the many layers of makeup which conceal those marks and give them the flawless skin. You will be shocked to see them without makeup on a random day.

Image Source: Zeephy

1. Adriana Lima

celebrities without makeup

The sexy appearance that you see on screen is not the reality. There goes a lot of hard work and time to make her look the way you see.

2. Jessica Alba

celebrities without makeup

If you meet her on a normal day walking down the street, she looks like just another girl next door. On red carpets, she is totally a different person.

3. Anahi

celebrities without makeup

Although her smile is the same, she looks totally different with and without makeup. The glamorous diva gets that confidence from her made-up appearance.

4. Pamela Anderson

celebrities without makeup

This transformation is amazing. Her features are so enhanced after the makeover.

5. Cameron Diaz

celebrities without makeup

She is beautiful but one thing is clearly evident that makeup can hide age.

6. Charlize Theron

celebrities without makeup

She looks like a regular frustrated mom in the left picture and in the right, she is ready to party her heart out.

7. Jennifer Aniston

celebrities without makeup

This has to be photoshopped because I can’t imagine Jennifer can ever look like this. She seems to be never aging and her skin always looks so fresh. Maybe it was not her beauty secret but the magic of her makeup artists.

8. Miley Cyrus

celebrities without makeup

Acne and blemishes are headaches for celebrities too. It is just that they have the right way to hide them.

9. Jennifer Lawrence

celebrities without makeup

This beauty is not always the bada** character she portrays, she can look sweet and simple too.

10. Angelina Jolie

celebrities without makeup

She is a beauty hands down no matter what. Even without any foundation on her face, she looks pretty but different.

11. Adele

celebrities without makeup

The before and after pictures of her are hard to believe.


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