You’ll Be Stunned After Seeing These Epic Cosplays By Brenna Mozanni!


How wonderful it must feel to be able to transform into somebody else entirely. Well, I may not have such a talent, but there are many people who are a master at this art. And the way they transform themselves into our favorite (or scariest) characters is just magical. These epic cosplays by one of the most famous cosplayers are definitely the epitome of illusions!

These epic cosplays by Brenna Mozanni will definitely leave you spellbound!

Brenna Mozanni, the self-taught makeup artist and cosplayer from Clermont, Florida, is leaving her fans stunned with her astonishing transformations! Here are some of her famous work that definitely deserves appreciation.

1. Hades definitely looks scary as hell. But, perfection is mindblowing!

2. Okay, Take a Bow Ma’am you look just like Rango!

3. Johnny Depp would’ve been proud, and I so love this, Edward Scissorhands is one of my favorite movies!

4. Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, will surely give me nightmares!

5. The resemblance is uncanny as hell, but God she’s looking just like Sybill Trelawney from Harry Potter!

6. This Hell Girl looks hot as HELL!

7. I hated Valak before, I hate her even more so, But Ma’am your work!
epic cosplays
8. Okay, that’s definitely looking too good to be real, how did she manage to transform into the Corpse Bride?
epic cosplays
9. I’m sure you do remember Coraline! Doesn’t she look just the same?

10. Whoa! The zombie from Michael Jackson’s thriller!

11. Now I’m absolutely sure that she can transform into anything and everything. This is the Angel Of Death From Hellboy!

12. The Evil Witch from Snow White, she definitely does look scary!
epic cosplays
13. If there was a Night Queen she definitely would’ve looked just the same!
epic cosplays
14. The Beldam from Coraline, I can’t begin to express how creepily magnificent this looks!
epic cosplays
15. Simpsons fans, this one is for you! Remember Mr. Burns? Yep, I’m sure you do!
epic cosplays
16. This is definitely The Grinch that stole Christmas!
epic cosplays
17. This Zombie pop art definitely looks stunning and perfect for Halloween.
epic cosplays

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